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English: Literary Studies


Students who specialize in English: Literary Studies typically transfer to bachelor's programs in some area of English language studies but often use the degree as preparation for pre-law, history, business, or cultural studies. The program's attentiveness to changing uses of language over the centuries sharpens students' critical skills; comparative studies of different periods and genres of literature help students to understand common themes as well as distinctive differences in the human experience. Encounters with a variety of authors' styles help students to become more aware of their own tastes and to consider unresolved questions in their own lives. The rewards of reading literature are plentiful and satisfying. Too often they are forgotten with our frantic schedules and instantaneous "communication."

English: Literary Studies, a two-year program of study, prepares students for transfer. Students normally transfer as English majors or English/Secondary Education double majors. In order to achieve an AA with a specialization in English, students must successfully complete core courses with a "C-" or better to meet specialization requirements. Students who are planning to transfer to a four-year program may need to have additional hours beyond the specialization requirements at Northwest College in order to transfer in as a junior. These students should consult with their advisor and the appropriate four-year college catalog.

Sample Careers

Most students will seek transfer to a four-year school or University upon completing a degree at Northwest.

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Course Syllabi: Search this section for specific syllabi offered at NWC.

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NWC offers a variety of scholarships. We invite you to access more scholarship information on these opportunities.


Burt Bradley
Associate Professor of English

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