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Outdoor Education and Recreation Leadership

Also known as: Recreation


Feeling is believing for outdoor adventurers. That's why they're often caught daydreaming through classes. Instead of figuring math equations or subject/verb conjugations, they're planning their next hike, kayaking trip or climbing expedition.

Sound familiar? Then now's the time to turn those dreams into the real thing.

If you're taking the plunge, you might as well do it where the rewards are the very best - the Rocky Mountain West. You'll never have to wait in line here to get to that mountain high because there are fewer people and more places to go. And for purists, there's nothing that can compare to charting a course and then dipping your boat into virgin waters. It can only happen here in the West.

Dream big - it's the ultimate outdoor adventure.

Sample Careers

Parks Administrator, Adventure Education Instructor, Recreation Manager, Camp Recreation Director, Team Building Facilitator, Boys and Girls Club Director, Wilderness Instruct

Additional Resources

Health, Outdoor, Physical Education:  A website for NWC's HOPE department

Delta:  Dedicated to Experiential Learning Through Adventure

Course Syllabi: Search this section for specific syllabi offered at NWC.

Scholarship Opportunities

NWC offers a variety of scholarships. We invite you to access more scholarship information on these opportunities.


Keith McCallister
Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education and Director of the DELTA Program

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