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Archaeology Technology


Archaeology technology is specifically designed for students pursuing a career in the archaeology of the United States.  If you are considering an archaeological career in government (National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service) or the private sector (consulting firm), studying prehistoric and historic cultures here in the United States, then this program is for you.

Archaeology technology encompasses both archeology and a number of sciences and technologies that are used in:

  • excavation and analysis of materials that are discovered.
  • analysis, curation, and storage of those materials.
  • museum display.
  • reconstruction of past environments.
  • publication of the results of excavation.

Students in this program should choose a field experience to attend. Currently, choices for field school include three 10-day summer field schools in Wyoming (2 credits each). Check the online calendar (linked below) for specific dates and locations.

Sample Careers

Contract Archaeologist, Museum Curator

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Course Syllabi: Search this section for specific syllabi offered at NWC.

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Greg Smith
Associate Professor of Anthropology

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