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Welding Technology


Ever hear of zen welding? That's what you need to use when you're running a root pass to complete a joint in a pipe and you're able to squeeze the rod in but can't see your puddle. In order to get a sound weld, you've absolutely got to feel the forces you're working with and listen for the blow-out on the back of the plate (kinda like Luke Skywalker when he blows up the Death Star without any instrumentation assistance -- he just senses the force).

Northwest welding students learn to close their eyes and just listen. Welding becomes a part of who they are. By the time you graduate, you won't be thinking about your welding anymore, you'll feel it and know if it's right. Welding of this caliber comes from lots and lots of practice. Our instructors are masters of the weld and will train you to be one, too.

Whether you want to work with traditional metals or plastic; TIG or MIG; fully functional or purely decorative, we've got you covered. And when you're out there competing for a job with a lot of other welders, you'll have an edge because you'll be able to call on your NWC capstone course experience where you designed a project, drew the blueprints, ordered the materials, created the final product and then discussed it in front of a group.

Check us out. Compare our welding program to any others. You'll see the difference... and may the force be with you.

Sample Careers

Metals Fabrication, Pipeline Welder, Mine Welder, Plastics Welder

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Harold Elton
Associate Professor of Welding

Bill Johnson
Associate Professor of Welding and Coordinator of Welding

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