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Northwest College


Former NWC Student

Applying to Northwest College is free and nonbinding, so it can be your first step in connecting with NWC.

Step 1: Reapply to NWC

It's quick and easy to do online. Complete your application and send in your transcripts (Step 2) as soon as possible to get things started.

Step 2: Submit Your Transcripts

If you attended another institution after leaving NWC, send us your transcripts.

231 West 6th St.
Powell, WY 82435

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Step 3: Get Help Paying for College

There are lots of ways to pay for college — student jobs, loans, grants, scholarships and military benefits. Learn about them early and pay attention to deadlines.

Step 4: Look into Campus Housing

It pays to compare on-campus housing options. You'll find two apartment complexes and several room configurations to choose from.

Step 5: Sign up for Classes

Three ways to get enrolled:

  • Walk-in registration day—call 307-754-6101 for details
  • New Student Registration events—see link at right
  • By appointment in person or via telephone—see link at right or call 307-754-6101
Northwest College
Northwest College

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