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Frequently Asked Questions

What are career assessments?

Career assessments ask you a variety of questions about your areas of interest, education, training, personality, life values, leisure preferences, and skills. Based on how you answer the questions, the assessment generates a list of possible career choices that might be a good match for you. NWC provides students two different career assessments tools Career Cruising and Kuder.

How can I find out the projected job growth and average salary for jobs related to my major?

Occupational Outlook and O-Net provide information on the project job growth and average salary on a number of different career areas. O-Net provides statistics on salary by national average as well as individual state's average.

What kind of jobs will I be qualified for with my major?

What Can I do with This Major is a website that is designed to answer this very question. The website provides students information by major including common career areas, typical employers, and strategies designed to maximize career opportunities.

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