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Internships / Cooperative Education

Benefits of an Internship

Explore Potential Careers

Internships are work-based learning experiences, arranged through Northwest College's office of Work-Based Learning. These arrangements are supervised, career-related work experiences combined with reflective, academic study that help you to "learn by doing."

By embarking on one or more, you will be able to sharpen your skills, begin a network of employer contacts, assess your strengths, and test your classroom theories in a real world setting.


Boost your maturity and self-confidence; improve your human relations skills; prepare for life after graduation; integrate your values with work, enjoy a greater clarity about career decisions.


Integrate classroom theory with real-life experiences; understand the relevance of your course work; increase your motivation to learn; use resources that are not available on campus.


Explore a potential career field; develop career-related skills and abilities, including effective job search, resume writing and interviewing techniques; establish a work history.


(only about 1/3 of all internships are paid) Subsidize tuition costs; help pay transportation cost.

Curriculum and Credits

Students may complete a maximum of 12 credit hours of work-based learning to fulfill associate degree requirements, applying no more than six credits of any one of these options toward the total of 12 credits.

How do I get started?

First, contact your academic advisor to discuss how an internship would best fit into your curriculum plan. Then, make an appointment with the Work-Based Learning Manager, 307-754-6061. From that point we will assist you with a variety of resources. Please note that you are not guaranteed acceptance into the Internship Program.

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