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Frequently Asked Questions

When should I start planning for my transfer from Northwest College to another college?

The sooner the better. It is ideal to start your planning your freshman year. This way you can plan to take the necessary courses at Northwest College that will allow you to transfer smoothly to your next college of choice. Not all students know where they want to transfer as a freshman. As soon as you decide on a college to transfer to, look to see that college’s general education requirements.

What happens if the college that I transfer to does not accept some of my Northwest College credits?

You can petition the way any credits transfer. In order to petition a class, you will need that class syllabus from Northwest College. Contact the Academic Affairs office at (307)754-6122 or send an e-mail to request a copy of course syllabi.

Can my application fee be waived?

If you are low income, you may qualify for a waiver by contacting the transfer college admissions office. If you are low income, you may qualify for a waiver by contacting the transfer college admissions office.

If I am receiving support services for my documented disability at Northwest College, how do I transfer those services to my next college?

Contact your Disability Support Services Coordinator.

Will all of my courses transfer?

Check the policies of your transfer college. In general, courses classified as below college level will not transfer. Typically colleges do not accept courses with D or F grades. In some instances, a higher grade may be required for a course to transfer. The number of transfer credits that a college will accept from a two-year institution varies.

What is an articulation agreement?

An articulation agreement is an agreement between two schools that specifies how courses or groups of courses will transfer from one institution to the other.

Does it cost to send an official transcript from Northwest College?

It is free to send an official transcript from Northwest College. You can request an official transcript online. Request an unofficial transfer equivalence evaluation be done by the college you are planning to transfer to.

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