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The Wyoming Career Readiness Certificate!

State of Wyoming Career Readiness Certificate

WorkKeys Testing at Northwest College

Powell, Cody, and Worland

Call today to schedule your test.

  • Job seekers, make yourself more appealing to employers!
  • Employers, maximize the efficiency of your hiring and promotional procedures!
  • Get your Wyoming Career Readiness Certificate!

Find more information concerning the WorkKeys testing at ACT - WorkKeys.

The Wyoming Department of Workforce Services has partnered with the governor's office, Wyoming's seven community colleges, ACT®, and the Wyoming Department of Corrections to launch a statewide Career Readiness Certification Initiative.  The Career Readiness Certificate, a portable employability credential based on the WorkKeys® job skills assessment test, is an invaluable tool for both job seekers and employers.

Testing Locations:

Main Campus - Powell

  • 20 computers available for testing
  • Contact Person(s): Stacy Gilman (Make an appt. for testing)
  • Address: Powell Center for Training & Development; 231 W. 6th Street (Mailing Address); 1397 Fort Drum Drive (Physical Address), Powell, Wyoming 82435
  • Phone #: (307) 754-6062
  • Fax #: (307) 754-7839 
  • Client Computer Lab Hours: *By appointment only*

NWC Cody Center

  • 12 computers available for testing
  • Contact Person(s): Carri Dobbins (Make an appt. for the 2 testing days per month)
  • Address: 1501 Stampede Avenue, Cody, WY 82414
  • Phone #: (307) 587-3506
  • Fax #: (307) 587-2209
  • Client Computer Lab Hours: 2nd Friday of every month, 12:30 pm - 4:30pm and 4th Tuesday of every month, 8:30 am - 12:30 pm;
    *By appointment only*

NWC Worland Center

  • 14 computers available for testing
  • Contact Person(s): Nancy Trickey (Make an appt. for the 1 testing day per month)
  • Address: 1200 Culbertson Avenue, Worland, WY 82401
  • Phone #: (307) 347-8541
  • Fax #: (307) 347-3445
  • Client Computer Lab Hours: 3rd Friday of every month, 8 am - 12 noon; *By appointment only*

Testing Time:  Each of the three tests takes 55 minutes to complete, for a total of approximately 3 hours required to complete the full battery (Reading for Information, Locating Information, and Applied Mathematics).

Fees:  $52 for all three assessments.

Score Requirements:  In order to earn a Career Readiness Certificate, a tester must score at least a level 3 on all three tests to get a Bronze Certificate, at least a level 4 on all three tests to get a silver certificate, and at least a level 5 on all three tests to get a gold certificate.  The testing fee is non-refundable, regardless of whether the tester scores high enough to receive a certificate.

*Note:  ALL three tests in the battery must be completed and the tester must sign a release form and provide a home address for mailing in order to receive a Career Readiness Certificate.*

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