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Academic Divisions

Life & Health Science & Agriculture

= Division Chair

Chair Name Title Office Phone
Anna Cragoe Division Secretary SM115 307.754.6460
Billy Crawford Instructor of Nursing NU115 307.754.6483
Candy Olberding Biology Lab Assistant SM216 307.754.6030
Christina Brewer Visiting Instructor of Nursing NU104 307.754.6035
Davette Frey LPN Outreach Program Coordinator NU110A 307.754.6481
Deb Williams Instructor of Nursing NU117 307.754.6494
Denise Kobbe Senior Program Assistant for Athletics and HOPE CB 307.754.6440
Eric Atkinson Instructor of Biology SM253 307.754-6018

Floyd Young Associate Professor of Physical Education Chairperson, Life & Health Science & Agriculture Division JFC1 307.754.6441
Garry Wallace Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences SM256 307.754.6029
Jason Horton Instructor of Agribusiness FAB60B 307.754.6461
Jen Schneider Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs ORB 126 307.754.6147
John Campbell Professor of Biological Sciences and Coordinator of Biological Sciences SM254 307.754.6140
Keith McCallister Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education and Director of the DELTA Program CB112 307.754.6115
Marneé Crawford Director of Nursing and Nursing Program Coordinator NU107 307.754.6474
Marv Sherwood Equine Center Coordinator EC 307.754.6072
Melissa McMillen Instructor of Nursing NU108 307.754.6479
Micah Humphreys Associate Professor of Agroecology & Range Management FAB60E 307.754.6465
Pam Thiel Assistant Professor of Equine Studies EC 307.754.6468
Quin Lafollette Ag Pavilion & Judging Coordinator SAP 307.754.6019
Rik Mettes Farrier Science Coordinator EC 307.754.6466
Ron Hitchcock Professor of Biological Sciences SM117 307.754.6139
Tina Smith Instructor of Nursing NU119 307.754.6037
Uko Udodong Assistant Professor of Chemistry SM 221 754.6230
Vern Dooley Associate Professor of Agriculture and Coordinator of Agriculture FAB60C 307.754.6234
Northwest College
Northwest College

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