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Name Title Office Phone Email
Amarasuriya, Deepthi Assistant Professor of Physics SM110 307-754-6454
Anderson, Donald Assistant Professor of Mathematics SM129 307-754-6064
Andreasen, Mark Assistant Professor of Business FAB11 307-754-6459
Asay, Milo Instructor of ESL ORB 108F 307-754-6428
Atkinson, Eric Instructor of Biology SM253 307-754-6018


Name Title Office Phone Email
Bakken, Gary Assistant Professor of Photography FAB16 307-754-6160
Becker, Bob Assistant Professor of Speech Communication YB211 307-754-6118
Bradley, Burt Associate Professor of English and Chairperson of Humanities Division ORB 108C 307-754-6434
Breeding, Rob Instructor of Journalism FAB73 307-754-6444
Brewer, Christina Visiting Instructor of Nursing YB157 307-754-6035
Brophy, Dennis Professor of Psychology YB225 307-754-6133
Bruce, Dean Assistant Professor of Business/Accounting and Coordinator of Business FAB22C 307-754-6252


Name Title Office Phone Email
Campbell, John Professor of Biological Sciences and Coordinator of Biological Sciences SM254 307-754-6140
Childs, Allan Professor of Chemistry & Mathematics SM112 307-754-6231
Crawford, Billy Instructor of Nursing YB158 307-754-6483
Crawford, Marneé Director of Nursing YB162 307-754-6474


Name Title Office Phone Email
Dare, Jennifer Visiting Assistant Professor of English ORB108B 307-754-6432
DeBuhr, Elaine Assistant Professor of Art & Chairperson of Visual & Performing Arts Division CB201 307-754-6128
Dechert, Renee Professor of English HL210 307-754-6433
Dickerson, Jr, Jay Assistant Professor of Biology SM255 307-754-6146
Dooley, Vern Associate Professor of Agriculture and Coordinator of Agriculture FAB60C 307-754-6234


Name Title Office Phone Email
Ebert, Fred Assistant Professor of Speech Communications YB209 307-754-6047
Elton, Harold Associate Professor of Welding OLB108 307-754-6467
Elton, Lee Instructor of Welding OLB109 307-754-6153
Erickson, Dave Professor of Sociology and Chairperson of Social Science and Education Division YB233 307-754-6130


Name Title Office Phone Email
Feyhl, Sandy Visiting Instructor of Education YB234 307-754-6155
Fish, Duane Professor of Speech Communication & Chairperson of Communication Division YB212 307-754-6024
Floyd, Raymond Visiting Instructor of Math & Engineering SM127 307-754-6011
Frey, Davette LPN Outreach Program Coordinator YB148 307-754-6481


Name Title Office Phone Email
Garceau, Christine Assistant Professor of Photography FAB18 307-754-6497
Giarrizzo, John Associate Professor of Art CB203 307-754-6496


Name Title Office Phone Email
Hanan, Rachel Assistant Professor of English ORB108K 307-754-6121
Hitchcock, Ron Professor of Biological Sciences SM117 307-754-6139
Horton, Jason Instructor of Agribusiness FAB60B 307-754-6461
Humphreys, Micah Associate Professor of Agroecology & Range Management FAB60E 307-754-6465
Hunt, Jeannie Assistant Professor of Speech Communications YB210 307-754-6422
Hunt, Troy Instructor of Film and Television NPA9 307-754-6438


Name Title Office Phone Email
Ibarra-Robinson, Mary Ellen Associate Professor of Spanish ORB108J 307-754-6430


Name Title Office Phone Email
Jatkowski, Walt Assistant Professor of Political Science YB224 307-754-6134
Johnson, Bill Associate Professor of Welding and Coordinator of Welding OLB107 307-754-6156


Name Title Office Phone Email
Kliewer, Jan Assistant Professor of Music NPA20 307-754-6475
Koelling, Glenn Visiting Instructor of English ORB123D 307-754-6431
Konsmo, Michael Assistant Professor of English ORB108E 307-754-6120
Kraft, Janice Associate Professor of Accounting / Business Administration FAB60F 307-754-6458


There is no one listed in the Faculty Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.


Name Title Office Phone Email
McCallister, Keith Assistant Professor of Health, Outdoor, and Physical Education and Director of the DELTA Program CB112 307-754-6115
McKinney, Amy Assistant Professor of History YB251 307-754-6008
McMillen, Melissa Instructor of Nursing YB148 307-754-6479
McPhail, Lou Assistant Professor of Criminal Justice YB120 307-754-6185


Name Title Office Phone Email
Newlin, Aura Instructor of Sociology & Anthropology YB221 307-754-6095
Northrup, Astrid Associate Professor of Engineering and Mathematics and Chairperson of Physical Science Division SM126 307-754-6066


Name Title Office Phone Email
Olson, Craig Visiting Instructor of Music/Director of Bands NPA18 307-754-6427


Name Title Office Phone Email
Perry, Lauren Visiting Instructor of English ORB 108H 307-754-6036
Polvere, Anthony M. Associate Professor of Photography FAB17 307-754-6455


There is no one listed in the Faculty Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.


Name Title Office Phone Email
Rumbolz, Robert Associate Professor of Music NPA19 307-754-6426


Name Title Office Phone Email
Satterlee, Craig Associate Professor of Photography and Coordinator of Photography FAB15 307-754-6184
Satterlee, Lisa Assistant Professor of Business Office Technology FAB22B 307-754-6186
Silk, Eric Assistant Professor of Psychology YB122 307-754-6132
Smith, Greg Associate Professor of Anthropology YB121 307-754-6131
Smith, Tina Instructor of Nursing YB159 307-754-6037
Stensing, Martin Assistant Professor of Mathematics and Coordinator of Mathematics SM222 307-754-6049


Name Title Office Phone Email
Tafoya, Renee Assistant Professor of Art & Graphic Design CB202 307-754-6041
Thiel, Pam Assistant Professor of Equine Studies EC 307-754-6468
Thulin, Steve Professor of History YB252 307-754-6038
Toner, Anne Assistant Professor of Art and Coordinator of Art CB204 307-754-6212
Tophoj, Elton Visiting Instructor of Business FAB22A 307-754-6015
Townsend, Robert Assistant Professor of Drafting Technology SM134 307-754-6142
Troxel, Jeff Instructor of Music NPA5 307-754-6199
Tyree, Morgan Assistant Professor of Graphic Arts / Printing FAB13 307-754-6498


Name Title Office Phone Email
Udodong, Uko Assistant Professor of Chemistry SM 221 307-754-6230


Name Title Office Phone Email
Valkenburg, Jennifer Visiting Instructor of Equine Studies EC 307-754-6471


Name Title Office Phone Email
Waite, Neil Assistant Professor of Mathematics SM128 307-754-6141
Walker, BJ Visiting Instructor of Mathematics SM111 307-754-6283
Walker, Kristine Instructor of Education, Education Program Coordinator YB235 307-754-6050
Walker, Nancy Assistant Professor of Mathematics SM118 307-754-6143
Walker, Steve Associate Professor of Political Science YB223 307-754-6151
Wallace, Garry Assistant Professor of Biological Sciences SM256 307-754-6029
Williams, Deb Assistant Professor of Nursing YB151 307-754-6494


There is no one listed in the Faculty Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.


Name Title Office Phone Email
Young, Floyd Associate Professor of Physical Education Chairperson, Life & Health Science & Agriculture Division JFC1 307-754-6441


There is no one listed in the Faculty Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.
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