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Name Title Office Phone Email
Alexander, Trudy Food Services Administrative Assistant DSC 307.754.6020
Anderson, Gary Facilities Technician PP 307.754.6023
Anderson, Jennifer Scholarship Technician ORB104 307.754.6040
Anderson, Jill Human Resources Director ORB106L 307.754.6401
Argento, Jo Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Ashcraft, Sami Bookstore Assistant Store Manager DSC-Bookstore 307.754.6196


Name Title Office Phone Email
Ballard, Melinda Children's Learning & Care Center Assistant CCC 307.754.6188
Baney, Daniel Public Relations Photography Specialist ORB101C 307.754.6009
Beal, Janis Women's Basketball Coach CB101 307.754.6026
Beck, Lorilyn Interim First Year Experience Coordinator ORB103A 307.754.6122
Bekes, Christine Powell Valley Community Education Program Coordinator CTD 754.6469
Bell, Bev Academic Coordinator - UW Outreach School - Northwest Region ORB134 307.754.6203
Bell, Bobbie Foundation Analyst ORB144 307.754.6039
Berryman, Holly Communications Services Assistant ORB111 307.754.6117
Bjornestad, Tim Trapper Village West Supervisor TVW 307.754.6077
Blackmore, Lee Campus Security Coordinator DSC 222D 307.754.6067
Borders, Keli Administrative Secretary for Student Affairs ORB 100 307.754.6100
Boyd, Teri Interim Student Health Services Nurse CH 307.754.6442
Brazelton, Roger Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Briseno, Annette Children's Learning & Care Center Assistant CCC 307.754.6188
Brost, Cammie Athletic Trainer Part-Time CB 307.754.6053
Burke, Becky Children's Learning & Care Center Assistant CCC 307.754.6188


Name Title Office Phone Email
Cameron, Tammie Facilities Assistant PP 754.6045
Cannizzaro, Jennifer Senior Office Assistant - Student Success Programs CH65 307.754.6135
Chenoweth, Colton Campus Watchperson DSC 307.202.0605
Christensen, Becky Field Station Coordinator MFS 307.754.6219
Christensen, Scott Field Station Technician MFS 307.754.6219
Cicci, Cindy Executive Secretary to the President & Board of Trustees ORB136 307.754.6058
Cline, Crystal Admissions Representative ORB100C 307.754.6017
Costigan, Jay Campus Watchperson DSC 307.202.0605
Cragoe, Anna Division Secretary SM115 307.754.6460
Crook, Marcus Student Activities Coordinator DSC 307.754.6205
Crookshanks, Kathy Training and Development Program Coordinator, Cody CC 307.754.6256
Cross, Val Division Secretary FRS206 307.754.6127


Name Title Office Phone Email
Darr, Larry Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Davis, Mary Lou Administrative Secretary for College Relations ORB144 307.754.6409
Dearcorn, Casey Computing Services Director MB105 307.754.6080
DeWitt, Nick Admissions Representative ORB100A 307.754.6043
Dicks, Damian Computing Services Coordinator MB103 307.754.6087
Dicks, Dustin Instructional Technology Specialist MB111A 307.754.6090
Dillon, Flynn Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker) PP 307.754.6045
Dobbins, Carri Senior Office Assistant-Training & Development-Cody CC 307.754.6257
Drew, Marilyn Library Assistant HL 307.754.6207
Dugger, Christopher Residence Life Specialist ASH 307.754.6161


Name Title Office Phone Email
Eckerdt, Zack Residence Life Specialist COD 307.754.6655
Eickstedt, Ingrid Executive Director of Powell Valley Community Education BOCE TVW/CTD 307.754.6469
Ellis, Kim Disability Support Services Coordinator CH65C 307.754.6227
Emmett, Joseph Facilities Technician PP 307.754.6071
Enriquez, Amanda Intercultural Program Coordinator ORB 127 307.754.6424
Erickson, Brian Men's Basketball Coach CB104 307.754.6210
Erickson, Callee Interim GEAR-UP Specialist ORB109 307.754.7823
Ewers, Matthew Dean of Student Learning and Academic Support ORB129 307.754.6125


Name Title Office Phone Email
Fees, Nancy Academic Success Coordinator TRiO CH66A 307.754.6290
Flom, Sheldon Interim Vice President of Administrative Services ORB106J 307.754.6284
Floyd, Alan Computer Services Specialist MB102 307.754.6080
Fox, Sean Vice President for Student Affairs ORB104F 307.754.6100


Name Title Office Phone Email
Garhart, Cynthia Student Success Programs Manager & Counselor CH65A 307.754.6135
Gasaway, Tracy Payroll Specialist ORB106M 307.754.6107
Gilman, Stacy Training and Development Program Specialist TVW / CTD 307.754.6062
Gilmore, Nancy Senior Office Assistant for Cody Center CC 307.754.7820
Giraud, Gerald Vice President of Academic Affairs ORB126C 307.754.6235
Gonzales, Alejandra Interim Registrar/Admissions Coordinator ORB102B 307.754.6073
Gonzalez, Renee Business Office Assistant ORB106C 307.754.6028
Greco, Sandy Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Gutierrez, Gloria Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045


Name Title Office Phone Email
Halbur, Roena Counselor CH65B 307.754.6192
Hammond, Brad Registrar, Admissions & Judicial Affairs Director ORB102C 307.754.6400
Harper, Sam Financial Aid Assistant - VA ORB 104 307.754.6158
Harrison, Marianne Financial Aid Assistant ORB104 307.754.6106
Havig, Dee Residence and Campus Life Director DSC 220 307.754.6412
Heimer, Jo Ann Business Office Manager ORB106H 307.754.6105
Herman, Roxie Student Health Services Manager CH 307.754.6442
Hernandez, Lydia Senior Office Assistant for Enrollment Services ORB102 307.754.6149
Hernandez, West Admissions Manager ORB 100 307.754.6103
Hicswa, Stefani President ORB136 307.754.6200
Hieb, Val Administrative Secretary for Administrative Services ORB106 307.754.6403
Hill, Rob Men's and Women's Soccer Coach JFC5 307.754.6413
Horton, Scott Instructional Technology Coordinator MB110 307.754.6063
Hronek, Beth Library Coordinator HL111 307.754.6238


There is no one listed in the Staff Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.


Name Title Office Phone Email
Jacobs, Deb Senior Office Assistant for Physical Plant PP 307.754.6045
Jeffs, Alan Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Johns, Diana Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Johnson, Jane Digital Studio Specialist FAB12 307.754.6183
Joy, Julie Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045


Name Title Office Phone Email
Karst, Deb Hathaway Scholarship Technician ORB104 307.754.6270
Kasinger, Clint Computing Services Coordinator MB107 307.754.6080
Kasinger, Dawn Finance Technician ORB106C 307.754.6048
Kelly, Deb Librarian HL 307.754.6209
Kelsay, Denise Art and Galleries Coordinator CB205 307.754.6499
Kitchen, Mark Vice President for College Relations ORB144F 307.754.6405
Kline, Char Senior Office Assistant for Admissions and Recruiting ORB100 307.754.6101
Kobbe, Denise Senior Program Assistant for Athletics and HOPE CB 307.754.6440


Name Title Office Phone Email
Lafollette, Quin Ag Pavilion & Judging Coordinator SAP 307.754.6019
Laughlin, George Printing Services Technician FAB47 307.754.6182
Lawson, Kim Printing Services Specialist FAB66 307.754.6181
Le Blanc, Carla Senior Office Assistant for Residential Life DSC222 307.754.6163
Lusk, Shannon Career & Transfer Associate TRiO CH66B 307.754.6293


Name Title Office Phone Email
Johnson, Skye Academic & Career Advising Coordinator ORB 101A 307.754.6124
Mains, Autourina Children's Learning & Care Center Manager CCC 307.754.6188
Martin, Diane Library Reference and Cataloging Coordinator HL 307.754.6238
McDonald, Andy Computing Services Programmer MB104 307.754.6081
Mettes, Rik Farrier Science Coordinator EC 307.754.6466
Miller, Carey Web Developer ORB117 307.754.6114
Miller, Nancy Library Coordinator HL 307.754.6167
Moncur, Rebecca GEAR UP Coordinator ORB109 307.754.7822
Mumford, Mariah Children's Learning & Care Center Assistant CCC 307.754.6188
Myers, Sandy Adult Basic Education Manager TVW/CTD 307.754.6280


Name Title Office Phone Email
Nash, Jean Project Succeed Manager CH62 307-754-6224
Nose, Del Rodeo Coach JFC2 307.754.6464


Name Title Office Phone Email
Olberding, Candy Biology Lab Assistant SM216 307.754.6030
Olson, Olie Facilities Technician PP 307.754.6042
Olson, Vicki Powell Valley Community Education Program Assistant CTD 307.754.6469


Name Title Office Phone Email
Peer, Ronda Dean of Extended Campus & Workforce ORB126F 307.754.6123
Peyton, Mike Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Peyton, Ruth Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Plute, David Facilities Director PP 307.754.6025
Pohlman, Shaun Women's Volleyball Coach CB102 307.754.6211
Porter, Tim Computing Services Analyst MB102C 307.754.6080
Proffitt, Nickie Writer/Editor & Web Content Analyst ORB144D 307.754.6033


Name Title Office Phone Email
Quillen, Dennis Maintenance Manager PP 307.754.6012
Quinn, Shaman Financial Aid & Scholarships Director ORB104E 307.754.6232


Name Title Office Phone Email
Renaud, Fred Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker) PP 307.754.6045
Richards, Susan Library Director HL 307.754.6243
Richardson Linville, Laura Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Rodriguez, Becki Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs ORB126 307.754.6472


Name Title Office Phone Email
Sapp, Anna Training & Development Coordinator - Powell CTD 307.754.6061
Schneider, Jen Administrative Secretary for Academic Affairs ORB 126 307.754.6147
Schuller, Nancy Publications & Advertising Coordinator ORB144E 307.754.6407
Schuller, Rob Printing Services Manager FAB66 307.754.6180
Shaffer, Krystal Division Secretary NPA 16 307.754.6425
Sherwood, Marv Equine Center Coordinator EC 307.754.6072
Shipley, Andrea Development Coordinator ORB144C 307.754.6034
Skinner, Jennifer Residence Life Specialist L&C Hall 307.754.6162
Smith, Lisa Institutional Researcher ORB106N 307.754.6292
Spomer, Linda Finance Technician ORB106G 307.754.6486
Steck, Susan Dispute Resolution Officer/Student Appeals Chair ORB 104, 106 307.754.9856
Stroh, Karry Office Associate, UW Outreach School ORB 132 307.754.6108
Sullivan, Kristie Residence and Conference Specialist DSC 221 307.754.6165


Name Title Office Phone Email
Teitsch, Cindy Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Timmons, Loyd Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker) PP 307.754.6042
Timmons, Terri L. Division Secretary ORB123 307.754.6490
Trickey, Nancy Senior Office Assistant - Worland WC 307.347.8541(office campus) 7980 (on campus)


There is no one listed in the Staff Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.


Name Title Office Phone Email
Vanek, Jim Custodial/Grounds Manager PP 307.754.6202
Volden, Emelee Intercultural Program Manager ORB129 307.754.6429
Voss, Becky Library Assistant HL 307.754.6207


Name Title Office Phone Email
Warren, Karalee Computing Services Office Assistant MB101 307.754.6080
Wetzel, Shelby Executive Director of the NWC Foundation ORB144B 307.754.6110
Widdicombe, Steve Facilities Assistant TVW 307.754.6077
Williams, Brett Facilities Assistant (Utility Worker) PP 307.754.6045 Brett.Williams
Williams, Carle Financial Aid Specialist ORB104D 307.754.6104
Williams, Gary Facilities Technician PP 307.754.6042
Willson, David Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045
Wilson, Megan Grant Writer ORB119 307.754.6031
Woods, Sue Interim Foundation Analyst ORB144 307.754.6039
Woodward, Joyce Facilities Assistant PP 307.754.6045


There is no one listed in the Staff Directory with a last name that starts with this letter.


Name Title Office Phone Email
Yates, Jory Computing Services Specialist MB102 307.754.6080


Name Title Office Phone Email
Zawacki, Carol Peer Tutoring Coordinator HL 211 307.754.6137
Zeigler, Jim Wrestling Coach & Interim Athletics Director CB103 307.754.6022
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