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Equine Studies



Horse out standing in it's field

Growth of the equine industry in the United States has created a demand for qualified personnel in all of its related fields. The associate degree program in equine studies is intended to provide basic, practical, and theoretical grounds from which students may directly enter their fields of interest.

                This two-year program has two new degree options in the riding and training degree that emphasize a practical approach.

     The equine riding degree option assists students in learning riding, basic training, and horse handling skills, in addition to related management concepts. Students must make arrangements to have a finished horse to use for in and out of class work. Students completing the program may find employment in lesson barns, training stables, summer camps, breeding farms.

                The equine training degree option is for the more advanced rider and assists the students in learning to be a trainer. Taking a young horse with 60 days training and finishing it through the 4 semester sequence. Students completing this program may find employment in training stables at different levels.

Silhouette of two riders through a door“Northwest College is an outstanding program for students to start their equine careers and get prepared to join a professional team.  My experience has been that the students come into my program with soft hands, balanced seats and are extremely coachable. They have an innate sensitivity to what is going on underneath them with the horse. These kinds of traits go beyond basic horsemanship skills. It is obvious to me that the instructors continually enhance their level of knowledge and this broadens their scope and carries through to every level of horsemanship even down to the basic handling of the horse. When I saw the similarities in the horsemanship skills of both my apprentice Jessica Reilly and her instructor Pam Thiel, I realized it must have come through Pam, as the two of them are so similar in their riding styles. I was extremely impressed with the soft hands and good seat that Pam has and teaches along with the same quiet mannerisms around a horse. This allows them to move easily into my more advanced western training program for all levels of showing and riding.

”I have seen a strong work ethic in my apprentices and I feel that students who have grasped these skills from the Northwest College program have all the skills necessary to go to work for top trainers in my industry after graduation.“  

Dana Hokana- Temecula, CA
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