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Intercultural Programs

Current International Students

Employment & Social Security

Students who are here on F-1 visas may not work outside Northwest College. You are eligible to work on campus provided that it does not interfere with your studies. You can search for campus jobs on the NWC student employment website

During the academic year, you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week. During spring, winter, and summer break, you can work up to 40 hours a week.

Permission to work outside the college is granted by USCIS, in this case, under the Optional Practical Training program.

Social Security Number

All international students who work on campus must apply for a Social Security Number. You will need this number before NWC can issue you a paycheck. If you plan to do Practical Training, you will also need a social security number. The social security number does not give you permission to work outside the campus. OIP has applications and OIP staff will assist you with applying for your social security card at the social security office in Cody. 


Emelee Volden
Intercultural Program Manager

Office: ORB129
Phone: (1) 307.754.6429


Amanda Enriquez
Intercultural Program Coordinator

Office: ORB 127
Phone: (1) 307.754.6424

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