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Computing Services


Frequently Asked Questions

I need to store my files. Where do I do it and how?

The best place to store your files is on the H Drive. There is a tutorial HERE explaining how to use the H Drive.

My computer has a lot of popup windows. What do I do?

Chances are you have Spyware on your computer. You can go to the Software Page and run the Spy Audit program. It will tell you if you have spyware on your computer. If you do, you can install the spybot program onto your computer and run it to clear off any spyware. If you still have problems after this, please put a work order in (using the Helpdesk) describing what you have done.

What is the Help Desk and how do I use it?

NOTE:  The Help Desk is ONLY for faculty and staff.

The Help Desk is the work order system that Computing Services uses. We ask that all work orders come in through the Help Desk system. There are currently 3 ways to access the Help Desk:

1.  From our Web site, use the Help Desk link on the right side of the screen.

2.  It is listed in your Favorites under the "NWC Links" in an open browser window.

3.  There MAY be an icon on your desktop.

If you have not filled out your college information, that is the first screen you will see. After that you will get into the Help Desk program. Click the "Submit New Ticket" button, and input the correct informaton into the drop down boxes.


How do I contact someone for help?

If you need help right away and the Help Desk is not an option for you, call 754-6080. Someone will direct you from there.

If my computer starts making funny noises what do I do?

First thing is to pay attention to the noises. Do they happen when you are using a specific program? Are they constant from the computer? Does it sound like a grinding noise? Is it coming from the floppy drive? The more information you can provide, the faster the problem can be diagnosed and fixed. After you have the information, go to the Help Desk system under NWC links in your "Favorites" and submit a ticket. 

Our department needs to make a purchase, how do I do that?

The best way is to go to the Help Desk and submit a work order. Under the "Categories" section, select "Equipment Quote." Do this even if you just have a question about what to purchase. Someone will get back with you if there are any questions. Please be as detailed as possible.

I need help with my home computer, who do I call?

Computing Services does not work on home systems during business hours. We will work on home systems after hours for $50 an hour with a 1/2 hour minimum charge. You can also contact local computer stores in the Powell-Cody area.


Casey Dearcorn
Computing Services Director

Office: MB105
Phone: 307-754-6080

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