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Computing Services

Guest/Visitor Accounts

Network Accounts

Northwest College believes that all use of its network, including access to internet resources, must be traceable to a named-user.  Anonymous access to the network is not allowed.  Information Security best practices call for the ability to associate network traffic with individual users in conjunction with federal law, or the ability to gather information on potentially illegal activity. 

Guest / Visitor Accounts

Guests of the College may request a network account or utilize the self-registration process.  All requests must be supported by a campus sponsor.  Account access will be determined by the method in which the account was created.  A campus sponsor is any full time faculty or staff member of Northwest College.  Guests may also call 754-6080 during normal business hours.  Guest Access for the general public can be accomplished through the Hinckley Library.



Casey Dearcorn
Computing Services Director

Office: MB105
Phone: 307.754.6080

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