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Computing Services

Residence Hall Phones

First, have you contacted your RD for a phone connection? Phone service is provided by request of the student.

My phone will not dial – I have dial tone – I can hear tones when I press numbers to dial:
Contact your RD to submit a Helpdesk.
My phone will not dial – I have dial tone:
Check to make sure your phone is set to “Touch Tone Dial." The NWC phone system does not work with pulse dialing.
My phone does not work at all:
Make sure you have your phone plugged into the correct jack. It is a small jack that matches the size of the plug on your phone cord. Do not plug your phone into the computer jack. The computer jack is larger than a phone jack.
Check to see if your phone has power or is connected to a power supply.
If your cable is plugged into the correct jack check to see that it is plugged in all the way so that it clicks when inserted.
My phone still does not work and I tried all the stuff listed above:
 Submit a work order to your RD or RA.


Casey Dearcorn
Computing Services Director

Office: MB105
Phone: 307.754.6080

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