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Computing Services

Wireless Access

Connecting to the NWC Wireless Network

Make Sure your wireless is turned on:

  • This will vary depending on the make and model of your laptop.
  • Some systems have a slide switch with an led that lights when the wireless is on.
  • Some use a key combination utilizing the “Fn” key (usually on the lower left of the keyboard) plus a Function key with a blue wireless symbol printed on it.
  • On some systems there is a symbol that illuminates when the wireless is turned on. Some examples are shown below:
    System symbols for when wireless is turned on

To connect to our wireless network do the following:

  • Accept any warnings that might appear referring to an unsecured network.
  • For Windows 7click on the wireless icon at the bottom of the screen near the clock. Choose "nwc" from the list and click "Connect".
  • For XP locate the XP icon - Wireless icon down by the clock and double click this. In the next window that opens you will need to select the “View Wireless Networks” button. It will show a list of all networks within range of your laptop. Select the "nwc" network and click the “Connect” Button.
  • For Vista, click start in the lower left, and then select “Connect to”, this will bring up a list of networks within range of your laptop. Select the "nwc" network and click the “Connect” Button. No need to Save this network.
  • For Mac OSX, locate the Mac OSX icon - Wireless in upper right corner, click on this symbol to make sure wireless is on and to select wireless networks, you might have to click the “Other” option an manually type in "nwc". It is case sensitive.

Other Questions that might need answers:

  • Network Authentication is Open
  • Data Encryption is Disabled

Connect to the internet:

  • Open an internet browser page (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, etc,). This will take you to the “Hotspot” page.
  • Log in to the network using your campus log in.

Problems and Questions:

There are links located on our “Hotspot” page that can help you with login problems and answer some common questions. You may want to start with the “Begin Here” link and go through the information provided. Everyone using the wireless network needs to read the responsible use policy for the NWC network. There is some very important information there about viruses, adware/spyware, and free programs to protect your computer against these dangers.

Gaming systems and other devices should connect to the wireless without a problem. Students with connection issues on a devicewill need to submit a Helpdesk Ticket via the MyNWC Portal or contact the Residence Hall Technician at (307) 272-3545 to have the MAC address verified for wireless access.


Casey Dearcorn
Computing Services Director

Office: MB105
Phone: 307.754.6080

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