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Computing Services

NWC Remote Access

This page contains the instructions for remote access to the terminal servers at Northwest College.  Please read the Remote Access policy below (link opens in a new window) before continuing to the Remote Access Request form.

Remote Access Policy

Remote Access Request Form

After your request has been approved, follow the instructions below:

1. Go to "Remote Desktop Connection" listed under Start/All Programs/Accessories, type in the address for the server and click connect. 

ajax login

2.  Log in to the window that appears using your username (firstname.lastname) and your password.  This will allow you access to Office and and your drives stored on the server.

Notes:  When you have successfully logged into the terminal session you will see a yellow bar at the top middle of your screen.  You can minimize this and get back to your computer desktop and then restore it just like any other program.

When you are on the terminal window you are on the desktop brought to you by the server. Therefore, any drive letters you see in "My Computer" are the drives of the server NOT of your personal computer.

PLEASE USE  START-LOG OFF  to shut your session down gracefully.  Just closing the window will NOT close the session and could result in the loss of your information.




Casey Dearcorn
Computing Services Director

Office: MB105
Phone: 307.754.6080

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