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Computing Services

WebMail Help

The instructions and screen shots on this page are designed to help users access their email through the web.  This process can be used on or off campus. 

Email Start Picture


This is the page you will see when you go to  From this page there are some options you can choose that will effect how your email will be displayed.

Public Computer

If you are on a public (shared) computer, such as in a lab, you will want to click the "This is a public or shared computer" radio button.  With this option, if you forget to log out of your email the session will time out after 7.5 minutes of idle time and prevent someone else from accessing your account.

Private Computer

If you are the only user on a computer owned by you, or a computer in your office that is NOT used by others, you will click the "This is a private computer" radio button.  This option allows you to keep your email open and idle for 4 hours without timing out (if you are actively working it will not time out).

Outlook Web Access Light

Web Access Light


Web Access Light will limit some features (Public Folders, color options, etc.) Outlook offers and may be used if you are on a slow connection.  If your browser predates Internet Explorer 6, you will have to use this setting.

After you have made your selections, type in your username (firstname.lastname) and your password and click the "Log On" button.

Log On




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