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Choosing a Career

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there are currently more than 12,000 careers to choose from.  Begin your career search by identifying your interests, values, education, training, personality, life values, leisure preferences, and skills. Then, choose a major and career that correlate with your traits.  (see more about choosing your major in the Career Planning section) 


Start Here:

Start by doing an interest profiler to determine what you may enjoy or be good at.  Do this even if you already have an idea of what you want to major in, because it may give you ideas you’d never considered.

            Project Succeed Students can use CIS, or Career Information System.

This internet based career information system will help you find information on occupations, education, and financial aid.  You can use the “My CIS Portfolio” to create resumes and to plan both classes and career paths.   Contact to find out about accessing this program.


Explore the Career:

Once you have identified a few careers you may enjoy, you are ready to investigate.

Use this Career Exploration Activity worksheet to help you organize information from different careers.

During your career exploration, don't forget to talk with advisors, counselors, and instructors.  You should answer basic questions about the career such as:

  • Will the income from this career provide an acceptable income level?
  • Will this career allow me to live where I’d like?
  • Am I willing to acquire the training, education, or skills that the career requires?
  • What kind of opportunity for advancement and employment will this career choice provide?

The following links provide answers to these as well as other questions about career choices.

Has detailed descriptions of occupations and is great for students or job seekers. For the easiest understanding and utilization of this website, schedule an appointment with the Career and Transfer Coordinator, especially after you have completed the Project Succeed CIS assessment!

Use this classic reference website about occupations from A to Z which is compiled by the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. Go to the “A-Z Index” above the “Occupational Outlook Handbook” title at the top of the page or research possible occupations by using “Occupation Groups” or “Select Occupations By.”

Offers career reviews from insiders, including tips for people considering a specific career, the best and worst aspects of the career, job tasks and everyday responsibilities, getting a job, and education and degrees required. Click on “All Careers” or on a listed career choice on the left side of the website page.

Search for information about hundreds of jobs based on key words, by industries, or what you like to do. Just click on the section that is appropriate for you. You can also look at the bottom left side for occupations that have a bright outlook, or that are green, or that have an apprenticeship. There is also a link for military veterans. This website is similar to the O*Net website listed above.


Shannon Lusk
Career & Transfer Associate TRiO

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Phone: 307.754.6293

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