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Your academic advisor is your most important connection to your college education. An academic advisor can help you with your academic plans and serve as a resource to connect you to a variety of services on campus. As your Project Succeed Career and Transfer Coordinator, I can assist you with the understanding of the steps in selecting a transfer institution that fits you, the resources to make transferring to the next institution simple, and the career exploration process that links your transfer institution to your academic major. Think of me as your transfer advisor!

Each college or university has different criteria for credit evaluation and transfer admission application steps. It is important to check deadlines for admission to a university; specific departments have different application deadlines and requirements. Scholarship deadlines are also different at each university with specific application criteria. As your transfer advisor, I can assist you each step of the way as you complete this process.

Expected Outcomes

  1. Begin with the end in mind – obtaining your degree or certificate from NWC. Many careers need a bachelor’s degree for entry level work, so career exploration and transfer are important early steps.
  2. Start researching transfer institutions in your freshman year at NWC. It is never too early to start working with your academic advisor and transfer advisor.
  3. Understand the degree program at your next college or university and how your credits will transfer successfully. Review articulation agreements with your academic advisor and transfer advisor.
  4. Demonstrate critical thinking and decision-making skills. Students make wise decisions when selecting a transfer institution that meets their long-range academic, career, and financial goals.
  5. Succeed in being accepted by the college or university of your choice. Meeting your long-term goals through early planning and careful research with your academic and transfer advisor brings great results.

Best Practices for Students

  • Always come to a transfer appointment with a copy of your unofficial transcript in hand. And, always come with a clearly written long-term goal as it relates to your career and further education.

  • Be prepared to share a list of possible transfer colleges and a list of questions about the application process, academic program, scholarship, housing, and other important transfer information. As your transfer advisor, I can assist you with the step-by-step application process for the institution and academic departments, as well as assist you in researching how credits will transfer.

  • Establish regular contact with your academic advisor and with me as your transfer advisor. With email, it’s very easy to shoot a quick question to either advisor. It’s important to realize that academic and transfer advising is a continual process and not just a one-time event.

  • Know your stuff: deadlines, degree and course requirements, and expectations are important aspects of academic success. Know how to connect academically, institutionally, and socially at your next college or university.

  • Form relationships with admissions personnel and faculty advisors at your transfer college or university. If they know you, it makes it easier to find answers to your questions.

  • Know where you want to go and what you want to do after your last class at Northwest College. Have a pathway to success and the support of me as a transfer advisor.

  • Learn outside the classroom. Having the opportunity for a continuous, one-on-one relationship with an advocate for your success models essential critical thinking and decision-making skills. Many scholarships ask about leadership and volunteer opportunities you have engaged in at NWC. We can explore this together.


Shannon Lusk
Career & Transfer Associate TRiO

Office: CH66B
Phone: 307.754.6293

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