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Scholarship Day

Scholarship Options

Scholarship Day was a great success and we want to thank all of you who participated in the day’s events. Award notifications for 2014-2015 Academic and/or Activity-Talent Scholarships will be emailed by Mid-March; stay tuned to the email address you entered in your application for Admission or just log back into your online scholarship application for Scholarship details.

Academic Scholarships

All AA, AS and AAS degree programs award Academic Scholarships. You must major in one of these programs to apply. Some Academic Scholarships require enrolling in specific courses. Your academic adviser can assist you.

Activity-Talent Scholarships

It doesn't hurt to contact coaches/faculty if you're looking for scholarships in these programs:

Athletics Scholarships

You increase your chances of winning an Athletic Scholarship by attending Scholarship Day, however, your athletic award replaces your Trapper Scholarship instead of supplementing it (Soccer and Rodeo Scholarships are an exception).

You can add Academic and Activity-Talent Scholarships to your Athletic Award.

First step is to talk with a coach in your chosen sport:

For comprehensive application and eligibility requirements for all NWC Scholarships, please review the NWC Scholarships, Waivers and Tuition Discounts policies.


Jennifer Anderson
Scholarship Technician

Office: ORB104
Phone: 307.754.6040

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