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Hathaway Scholarships

Calculating Need Awards

Students qualifying for the merit portion of Hathaway Scholarships who have completed and supplied the results of the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA Visit), may qualify for additional need-based Hathaway Scholarship monies. “Unmet need” is calculated in the following way:

NWC Cost of Attendance
   – Estimated Family Contribution (determined by FAFSA)
   – Hathaway scholarship merit award per year
   – Grants/Scholarships awarded to student
   – $2,000 (Hathaway gap)                                 
   = Unmet Need

Qualifying students will receive a percentage of this unmet need based on their eligible scholarship level.

Provisional Opportunity   25% of unmet need
Opportunity                   25% of unmet need
Performance                  25% of unmet need
Honors                         100% of unmet need

Minimum award is $100/semester.


Deb Karst
Hathaway Scholarship Technician

Office: ORB104
Phone: 307.754.6270

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