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Wyoming Students

Trapper Scholarships

Fill out the online scholarship application and you'll put yourself in the running for the NWC Trapper Scholarship (funded by a bank of private scholarships), plus our academic, activity-talent and athletic scholarships. Which Trapper Scholarship award level are you eligible for?

To see how much you're guaranteed to receive in your Trapper Scholarship (doesn't include academic, activity-talent or athletic awards), find the award level below that matches your high school GPA, GED or ACT score, then trace to the right to find your award amount (if you live outside Park County, go to the far right column).

Requirements by
Diploma Earned
Annual Award
  High School GPA OR GED Score OR Home School ACT Score Park County, Wyo. Promise OR Other Wyo. Counties
Presidential 3.5
575 25 $1,500 $1,200
Excellence 3

540 21 $1,200 $1,000
Achievement 2.5

500 19 $1,000 $800


2.5 500 19 $500 $500

 *Available to students who did not maintain continuous enrollment or those who did not enroll at NWC the semester immediately after graduating high school, completing home schooling or GED completion.

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Even More Scholarships

With a little extra work, you can find thousands more scholarships that aren't administered by Northwest College.

For comprehensive application and eligibility requirements for all NWC Scholarships, please review the NWC Scholarships, Waivers and Tuition Discounts policies.


Jennifer Anderson
Scholarship Technician

Office: ORB104
Phone: 307.754.6040

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