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Disability Support


At NWC we try to identify the most appropriate and individualized accommodations that are likely to help a student succeed. The following list includes some typical accommodations that may be recommended for individual students:

  • Early advising, registration, and classroom assignment
  • Using technology aids (recorders, scanners, laptops, etc) in the classroom
  • Using textbooks on tape or computer media
  • Time extensions for meeting program or course requirements, classroom assignments, library materials, etc
  • In-class note-takers
  • Alternative testing methods
  • Access to out-of-class technology to enhance access to academic materials
  • Changes to the physical environment in classrooms or other campus locations to improve/enhance access

Clearly, not every student will need every accommodation and many students will need more specialized and specific accommodations. Students with disabilities can also use the many support service the College provides for all students, including tutors for specific classes, classes on improving study skills, counseling, academic and career advising, and routine health services.


Kim Ellis
Disability Support Services Coordinator

Office: CH65C
Phone: 307.754.6227

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