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Co-Op Northwest College, Powell, WY Outdoor Education at NWC

Outdoor FOCUS

FOCUSFocusing on One Course for Ultimate Success!

You're probably a hands-on learner. The explorer-type. Maybe even a risk taker. Sitting in a lecture classroom, juggling six or seven classes a week isn't your style. Welcome to Northwest College's Outdoor FOCUS!Winter Survival

You'll Take Only One Class at a Time

NWC's Outdoor Education Program puts the FOCUS on you by putting you in a solitary class. You and your fellow majors will take Outdoor Education AS or Outdoor Education AAS classes one at a time as a small cohort. You'll spend three-four weeks immersing yourself totally in one endeavor, mastering it, making it a part of your being. Then you'll move on to the next class. Whether it's spelunking or English, you'll live it until the class is over. Anyone can handle an English class for just four weeks, right?

You'll also spend time working with professionals in the field of Outdoor Education and Recreation. You'll learn what what it's like to work for the National Park Service, BLM and Forest Service, while getting a toe in the door for a job.

What to Expect When You're Not in the Field

Your class will meet about five hours a day, four days a week when you're not in the field. But don't count on spending much time indoors or in a classroom during your outdoor education courses — you'll be learning by doing most of the time. Even that English class will probably revolve around outdoor literature and writing (seriously—you'll have an option to take a Writing in the Wild class).