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Co-Op Northwest College, Powell, WY Outdoor Education at NWC

Outdoor Education & Recreational Leadership A.S. Degree

Required Courses

These are the courses required for an Associate of Science Degree in Outdoor Education and Recreation Leadership. This degree will prepare you to transfer to a four-year institution to complete a bachelor's degree.

General Education Courses

For those students interested in completing this degree, 18 General Education credits are required.

Course Type
Government 3-6
English 6
Math/Science 10
Humanities/Social Science/Visual & Performing Arts 9
Wellness 2
Cultural Awareness 1-4
Total 31-37

Required Degree Courses

For those students interested in completing a degree program, the following courses are required:

Total 15

Core Elective Courses

Students interested in completing an Outdoor Education degree must complete at least three of the following Core Elective courses:

Activity Based Elective Courses

The following elective courses are also available through the Northwest College Outdoor Education Department: