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Co-Op Northwest College, Powell, WY Outdoor Education at NWC


EMT 1500 – Emergency Medical Technician - Basic

5 credits

This course is designed for preparation of the Emergency Medical Technician. Includes anatomy and physiology of the human body, techniques of emergency treatment for various injuries and emergency situations, and other topics related to emergency medical and first aid practices. Minimum of 165 hours of classroom and laboratory Instruction is required. In addition, the student is required to spend 16 hours riding in the ambulance and 24 hours in the emergency room. This course meets the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) curriculum standards. Successful completion of the course prepares students to take the national registry written examination and the state practical assessment. Students need to understand that in order to sit for the national registry exam, they must pass the three state written exams with a 70% or better and be able to read and write English. There are certain physical requirements that must be met in order to take the state practical assessment tests. Prerequisite: HLED 1225, HLED 1660 or NRST 1660, or consent of Instructor. (3 hrs lec, 4 hrs lab)